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Quality Workmanship and Expertise

A high-performance audiovisual system requires a certain level of tuning and maintenance to ensure its ideal operation and high level of readiness. The end-user also requires a level of training to efficiently use their new, high-end system. Here at Acuity AV, we provide both.

One Year Systems Quality Workmanship Warranty for Acuity Installed Systems

All Acuity AV integrated systems come with a one-year warranty on all labor with installation services. Acuity AV’s Field Technician’s will correct any material defects in the workmanship of the installation services reported within one year of the date services were finalized.

All other audiovisual systems

Initial Service Call

Acuity AV can service your system even if we didn’t install it. A service technician will first trouble shoot with the customer over the phone. If on-site service is needed, the technician will come to your site for an Initial Service Call.

Service Contracts

Acuity AV offers service packages to meet the needs of your facility and support of your operations staff. Options include service calls as needed and scheduled preventative maintenance visits.

Acuity AV is an authorized service center for many technologies and can create customized service agreements designed to specifically cater to all your audiovisual needs.  Call or email our service department today about customizing a service contract to fit the needs and budget of your integrated system.

By providing a “one stop shop,” Acuity AV saves the average consumer approximately 30-40% in costs associated with third party service providers.  We provide telephonic and on-site support to our customers.

In addition to savings, we provide a timely response with the opportunity for upgraded service privileges and reduced hourly rates with the purchase of a Service Agreement.  Agreements include telephonic support and on-site support with Acuity AV Technicians and Engineers.

Preventative Maintenance is included in the service agreement with multiple choices for service response times.  These services allow for firmware upgrades, equipment refresh, and reset and testing of operability and settings.


Our Mission

AcuityAV_logo_no_text_no_shadowEmpowering people to communicate, collaborate, and learn more effectively through the use of audiovisual technology.

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