Houses of Worship

Focus on the Message, Not the Sound System

Churches and Houses of Worship require a special custom touch to deliver the right integrated system for this special class of client. These assembly rooms are unique in many ways. Because of their age and design, many require special designs to achieve the right acoustics and visual line of site. Acuity AV has years of experience working with churches and houses of worship, designing, integrating and installing systems with care and professionalism.

We also recognize that enhanced worship requires quality sound and visual presentation. Further, a religious facility serves many functions: weekly worship services, educational classes, and staging musical and dramatic performances, to name a few. Acuity Audiovisual understands that fellowship halls become banquet halls, recreational rooms become class rooms or movie theatres, and much more. Designing a cost effective and superior solution to meet these needs is challenging. Acuity Audiovisual meets these challenges by providing cost effective, practical solutions. Whether a congregation desires a new audio visual system or wants to simply upgrade their existing system, Acuity Audiovisual will design and install a worship-enhancing system for the client.

Audio Presentation Systems

  • Worship (spoken word)
  • Musical (choir, bands)
  • Recording (CD)
  • Assisted Listening

Video Presentation Systems

  • Visual Presentation
  • Multi Media Enhancement
  • Recording (DVD)
  • Broadcasting

Control Systems

  • AV Control Systems
  • Lighting Control
  • Room Control Systems
  • Security Systems


We empower people to communicate, collaborate, and learn more effectively through the use of audiovisual technology.

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